Eunomia is the Greek word for “good order” or “governance according to good laws,” a fitting name for Huntington University’s student pre-law organization.

The group consists of students interested in the legal profession, law enforcement and criminal justice as well as students interested in public affairs, contemporary politics, human rights, conflict resolution, ethics and public policy.

Meetings are held every other week to facilitate Law School Admission Test (LSAT) study groups, mock trials, forums on human rights and meetings with law school admission counselors.

To prepare for the law school application process, the group visits universities and takes part in networking opportunities with legal professionals. Dr. Jeff Webb, pre-law advisor and club faculty sponsor, serves as a mentor and provides students with a plethora of information about their futures in law school.

“The biggest take away from my involvement in Eunomia is learning more about the law school process and having the opportunity to start considering and visiting law schools early on,” said Itzel Barron, a junior economics & finance, history and philosophy major from Fort Wayne, Ind. “This is extremely beneficial because law school is an incredibly huge commitment both academically and financially speaking. It is awesome being able to have an advisor to guide us and point us in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right institution.”

Eunomia is hoping to compete in a mock trial this year as well as partner with a local high school to form a similar club. On campus, the group facilitates campus awareness of current legal and political issues. They teamed up with HU’s philosophy club to cohost a debate on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) back in April of 2015.

“Eunomia benefits me personally because I am able to set time aside from my busy schedule and contemplate on my future as an attorney,” Barron said. “I can take a break from the demands of undergraduate studies and think ahead on my career, whether it is making a law school visit or simply taking a practice LSAT. For these reasons, it prepares me and other students for the future that is law school.”

The group challenges students to enter the field with a Christian world view while promoting awareness of societal issues and strengthening morals.

“I am learning more about what makes a good law school, and I get to make great connections,” said Hosanna Burr, a junior math education, history and pre-law major from Columbia, Mo., and past-president of Eunomia. “This group really prepares me and challenges me to think about political issues and where I want to go in the future.”

For more information, contact Dr. Jeffrey Webb, Pre-Law Advisor and club faculty sponsor.

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