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Greetings from Huntington University! In light of COVID-19 directions from the state of Indiana, we have canceled all campus visits indefinitely. We will resume in-person visits when authorities ease the “stay at home” directive and allow face-to-face contact. All of our classes have moved to an online format for the remainder of the semester with all but essential staff working remotely, so the campus is a lot quieter than usual!

We know the campus visit is a big part of your college decision, so we are offering virtual visits! Your virtual visit can include a meeting with your admissions counselor, campus tour, a chance to talk with HU students, and a meeting with faculty, athletic coaches, financial aid, etc. It doesn’t replace the live experience, but it’s a great way to get to know us and learn more about the opportunities that HU has for you.

To sign up for a virtual visit, head to

Additionally, we plan to keep in touch to let you know when in-person campus visits may resume. We know that it’s important to see and experience campus for yourself, so we encourage you to stay tuned for updates from our office in the future.

We look forward to “seeing” you soon!

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