DSST Registration Form


Do not send cash. The DSST scoring fee for each exam is $80.00 and must be paid online by credit card to DSST on the day of the exam. There is also a separate $15 service fee; make check or money order payable to HUNTINGTON UNIVERSITY.

Testing Date Information

Your testing day and time will be confirmed by email or telephone as time allows.
Bring with you on the test day: 1) a photo I.D., 2) your credit or debit card, and 3) your service fee payment.

Food, drink, cell phones and study materials are not permitted in the testing room.

Testing Location: Huntington University Learning Center, second floor of RichLyn Library

Test Center Administrator: Erica Marshall

Telephone Number: (260) 359-4290

E-mail: emarshall@huntington.edu

Brief study guides may be accessed at: www.getcollegecredit.com/resources.html#factsheets