Admissions Tips for Homeschooled Students

Susanne Watson
It may not be as complicated as you think!

Straight from the Office of Admissions at Huntington University, here are some useful tips for homeschooled students who are currently going thorugh or preparing to start the admissions process at the school of their choice. While these tips include specific details about the admissions process at HU, the process will look similar at the other schools on your list as well.

Getting started

Start the college process as early as possible for a faster admissions decision and higher chances for a better financial aid offer. Pay attention to admissions and scholarship deadlines from the schools you have on your list.

Campus visits

Visit the schools you are interested in applying to before (and after) you apply. Huntington University offers many visit opportunities, including individual or group visits where you can sit with an admissions counselor, meet a professor/coach, talk with the Office of Financial Aid, sit in on a class, tour facilities, and more. Other visits may include open houses, major-specific visits, athletic visits, overnight experiences, and scholarship competitions.

Take advantage of visit opportunities throughout the year so you can start meeting your future classmates. Overnight visit experiences, for example, allow you to connect with the campus community and give you a closer taste of college.

Application steps

Once you are ready to apply and have reviewed the admissions requirements, send your application along with your official high school transcripts (see below) to the schools on your list. Huntington University's application opens the summer before senior year, so you will need your transcript to be current through your junior year to apply. (Pro tip: The summer before senior year is also a great time to start searching for private scholarships and other sources of aid.)

Your transcript should be emailed or mailed directly from your principal to the university’s offices. Transcripts for HU applications should be emailed directly to or mailed to the Huntington University Office of Admissions in a sealed envelope with the principal's signature over the seal. If you are struggling to put together your transcripts, our Office of the Registrar is more than happy to help you. Contact to ask any questions. Remember, your transcripts need to include the following:

  • A list of all courses taken, dates completed, and your grade for each course
  • Your cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale, along with the grading scale used
  • Your graduation date or anticipated graduation date
  • A signature and date

Note any dual-credit classes on your high school transcript and provide an official college transcript after the course is completed.

Test scores

Huntington University requires a minimum score of 940 on the SAT and 18 on your ACT. However, we also allow homeschooled students to apply without an ACT or SAT score if they have taken a minimum of six college credits.


Don't hesitate to contact your admissions counselor if you have any questions throughout your college admissions process. They are a great resource to answer your questions or connect you with the right person.

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Written by
Susanne Watson