Are campus visits important?

Roberta Bailey
The short answer — YES! The long answer – ABSOLUTELY YES!

Are campus visits important? The short answer — YES! The long answer – ABSOLUTELY YES! A campus visit is an opportunity to “kick the tires,” if you will. To get familiar with the quality of the campus and the education offered there. To get a feel for what college life would be like for you. No matter if this is your junior year in high school or if you are considering transferring from one college to another, exploring college campuses is well worth your while. 

Where should I start? 
Visit the school’s website. Get familiar with the degrees they offer to see if what you are wanting to study is offered there. If you play a sport (or many sports) in high school and want to continue playing in college, check out the school’s athletics pages. Look at their coaches, the caliber of their athletes, what division they are in, etc. Check out their campus life page — what fun events do they have for their students? Start there and search for the things that interest you. 

Request more information/Arrange a visit 
Most likely, while you are visiting the website you will see a message that wants you to “request more information” or see a campus visit page. FILL OUT THOSE FORMS! You can do one or both; these forms will get you in contact with the admissions office and enable you to talk to an admissions counselor and schedule a day to visit. 

What to expect 
Most campus visits include the following: 

  • An information session that talks about the university, admissions steps, finances, etc. 
  • A campus tour, usually led by a current student 
  • A class you can attend  
  • A meeting with a professor 
  • A sports practice session  
  • A meal in the dining hall 

Some campuses even offer overnight visits that let you stay in a residence hall and actively engage with student life. There are SO many options! 

As you get ready to walk around campuses, remember to wear good walking shoes, make a list of questions you and your family have for both staff and students, pack a notebook to write down important things you want to remember, bring a camera to take a selfie or two, and, most importantly, HAVE FUN! One of these places will be your home away from home.  

Have you visited Huntington University’s gorgeous home campus yet? To schedule a campus visit to HU, go to  

Written by
Roberta Bailey