Get Involved with Intramurals!

Annie Seboe
Fun competition for all

If you are looking for a competitive and fun environment where you can meet new people on campus, Huntington University’s Intramural Sports Program is for you! Coordinator of Recreational Programming Russ Lawson is excited about this program’s future at HU.

“I believe our intramural program can play an important role at HU for those students who wish to take part in extracurricular athletic activities.”

Lawson’s vision for the program includes two leagues per season: “We have volleyball and basketball in the fall, basketball and co-ed soccer in the winter, and co-ed volleyball and softball in the spring. We also mix in the occasional tournament of interest.” In previous years, the program has also featured ping-pong, flag football, and disc golf!

The goal of the Intramural Sports Program at HU is to provide an opportunity for all students to participate in competitions and have sportsmanship while doing it. “I liked how inclusive it was. I also enjoyed the freedom of it all — not having refs or coaches. It was less about rules and strategy and more about having fun,” said an HU alum who participated in the Intramural Sports Program.

The best part of intramurals is that leagues and tournament games are held on Sunday nights in the Fieldhouse. After a long week, a break on the weekends to let out some energy is exactly what the program hopes students will find when they participate. One student who participated in intramurals said, “It was fun to hang out with different people outside of my sport and play different varieties of teams. It was competitive but laid back at the same time. The environment was so enjoyable. There is always music playing. All the tournaments were great to be a part of.”

To sign up for the Intramural Sports Program or suggest a sport you would like to see added to the rotation, email Russ Lawson at

Written by
Annie Seboe