I am interested in…teaching.

Nicole Manges
“I am interested in…” series. Exploring ways you can translate your interests into college majors.

I am interested in…teaching. 

In this “I am interested in…” series, we are exploring ways you can translate your interests into college majors. 

Even if you are 100% confident that you want to be teacher someday, there are plenty of pathways to becoming a teacher. At Huntington University, we offer subject-matter specializations in elementary, middle school, and secondary education that range from fine arts to social studies, along with specializations in special education and teaching English learners. And those are just the undergraduate degrees! We also offer a Master of Education degree and a graduate certificate.  

Determining which education major you want to pursue can be daunting, but the best place to start is to take stock of your personal interests and skills. College will be the time when you can explore these further and use them to become the best teacher you can be.  

To help you get started, let’s focus on three aspects of teaching — students, setting, and subject — and how your current interests can help you determine what aspects are most important to you.   

Students: Who do you want to teach? Each age group requires a different energy, preparation, and teaching method. You want to work with the age group that will help you feel inspired, not drained, at the end of the day (at least as much as possible!). Think about how you interact with children, tweens, and teenagers now to get an idea of what it would be like to work with them in the future. Also consider your memories of being a student. At what age did you have a teacher who made an unforgettable difference in your life? You may find that you want to be like that teacher for someone of a similar age.  

Setting: Where do you want to work? In a city? In a rural area? In your hometown? Consider how your major could help serve the population there. If you are interested in teaching in the United States, an elementary, middle school, or secondary education program will prepare you for licensure. If you have an interest in teaching outside of the United States, consider adding a specialization in teaching English learners (in fact, this is a great idea even if you plan to teach in the United States).  

Subject: What subject interests you personally? You’ll take classes in your specialty subject while you’re working toward your education major, so pick something that you genuinely want to learn. Also think ahead to what you would like to teach. What subjects can you explain well to someone else? When you have the opportunity to align your major with your personal interests and skills, you’ll bring extra value to the classroom.  

There is even more to explore! If you are someone who is interested in teaching, check out our Department of Education webpage for a list of education majors available at Huntington University.  

Written by
Nicole Manges