I Went on Adam Widener’s TV Adventure

Jordan Lynden
Jordan appears as a guest on The Treehouse

In early November of 2023, while I was animating in class, my film-major friend reached out to me from the depths of the Merillat Center for the Arts (MCA). He asked if I would like to guest star in an upcoming episode of The Treehouse, a show on Huntington University’s YouTube channel. I agreed, and so the following Tuesday, I ventured into the corner of campus known as the TV sound stage and studio to be questioned by film students.

Funnily enough, the reason I was elected to come on set was because of what I do here. The main chunk of the recording was answering questions about my job as a content creator, as well as a brief segment about why I am majoring in animation. Afterwards, to fit the theme of me being a “writer,” we played a short game of Mad Libs, prepared by the film team, which included my good friends, Keagan Herber and Carrick O’Malley. Without context, all I will say about that is at first, I was disgusted, but then I was very sad.

I was kind of nervous to be on camera, but the whole thing was actually pretty fun. The “worst” part was just one part at the end. Basically, the host and I took a polaroid selfie. After that, she gave a short outro speech to the camera, and I mistakenly thought she was handing the camera to me. I find it funnier than I do embarrassing, so I guess everything worked out fine.

All in all, being on The Treehouse was a cool experience, even if it was short. However, Huntington University’s YouTube channel has more content to offer such as sporting events, projects from the Department of Digital Media Arts, and student-led podcasts. You can find all this and more by going at youtube.com/@HuntingtonUniversity.

You can watch my episode of The Treehouse here.

Written by
Jordan Lynden