Phonathon: Calling the Forest

Marcy Hawkins
It's more than a job.

Huntington University students can tap into a wide range of on-campus jobs or extracurricular activities during the academic year. One of those opportunities is signing up to be a Forester Fund Phonathon Caller. Twice a year, students rally together in Phonathon Command Central and ask fans of HU to make a gift to the Forester Fund student scholarship program. While raising funds is a primary focus for this on-campus job, students gain so much more because of the people with whom they speak.

The Forester Fund Phonathon is largely organized by two student managers who work with 10-20 of their peers. Yes, students learn basic office, phone, and database skills. Yes, this job is a great resume builder. Yes, they earn a paycheck. Yet students will also tell you this job is so much more to them. Students speak with others who have already received an HU education and learn from those alumni who share their stories since graduation. Students hear what it means to have a Spirit of a Forester because they remain curious, care completely, and embrace interconnectedness with their Forester Family. They have the opportunity to embrace their Spirit of a Forester during Phonathon because they must display grit and defy complacency. As part of the Forester Family, our students become stronger because they know that others are praying for them and paying it forward through their generosity.    

When asked what he is learning or gaining by participating as a Phonathon student caller, Nick, Class of 2024, said...

“To me, Phonathon is more than just calling, asking for a donation, then hanging up. It is a way for me to connect with others from the Forester Family and community. This is important to me because I can speak with donors who make it possible for me to receive a quality education from HU every year. I may be the one calling, but these people are the ones making the difference!”

Phonathon is more than a job. It changes the mindset of our students, and it creates a stronger Forester community that is impacting the world for Christ.

Learn more about the Forester Fund, Huntington University’s student scholarship fund, at

Written by
Marcy Hawkins