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Student Spiritual Growth

Susanne Watson
I have the pleasure of meeting with campus visitors regularly. Recently I heard a story that stuck with me.

As the Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Huntington University, I have the pleasure of meeting with campus visitors regularly. Recently I heard a story that stuck with me. 

I was talking with a mom who was visiting home campus with her daughter. They added Huntington University to their “colleges to visit” list during the fall semester of her daughter’s senior year for an interesting and important reason: spiritual growth. 

The mom’s nephew had recently started classes as a freshman at HU. Mom said neither her daughter nor nephew grew up in a particularly religious family and neither were regular church attenders. This mom follows her nephew on social media and was intrigued to see the content of his posts after he started college as a Forester. She said he has always been really into baseball, and his posts about his favorite teams and players certainly did not change. However, she started to see him posting Bible verses and what he was learning about a relationship with Jesus.  

Witnessing that kind of spiritual growth in her nephew over the course of just a few months made this mom want her daughter to consider attending Huntington University. Hearing this story reminded me of why we do this job — recruiting high school students to attend a Christian college is not always easy, but it’s so worth it! Having the privilege of witnessing spiritual growth in students’ lives is such a joy.  

The college years are so formative in a person’s life. Where you choose to invest your college years matters! During a time of rapid maturation, Huntington University provides an atmosphere that fosters growth. Not only spiritual growth, but also academic, emotional, and social growth.   

We would love to talk with you more about the atmosphere of growth that students experience at Huntington University. To see home campus for yourself, schedule a campus visit.  

Written by
Susanne Watson