The Five Best Spots on Campus, and Five “Hidden Gems”

Breanna Burkle
Whether you prefer the indoors, the outdoors, or a mix of both, there are plenty of special spots on campus that have that little extra feeling of home.

Fall colors are in full display this time of year, which means Huntington University’s home campus is looking particularly beautiful. (Of course, campus has something special to offer at any time in the year!) Whether you prefer the indoors, the outdoors, or a mix of both, there are plenty of special spots on campus that have that little extra feeling of home. Here are my top five: 

  1. Sand volleyball court – Although cooler fall temps mean students aren’t on the court as much these days, during the warm months students are often on the sand volleyball court for a campus event, intramural competition, or a friendly pickup game. 

  1. Forest Blend in the HUB – Sipping coffee or tea in the heart of campus with Lake Sno-Tip in the background? Yes, please! Enjoy your favorite Starbucks drink at Forest Blend, our coffee shop, as you study or talk with friends. 

  1. The PLEX (or any athletic field) – The PLEX is the place to start when you want to get some exercise or catch a home game. You can find our students working out in the PLEX and cheering on their fellow Foresters at any athletic event. 

  1. Swings around the fire pit – There are several fire pits on campus that are great for a Friday evening bonfire, but the fire pit located a short walk behind RichLyn Library is extra special because it is surrounded by bench swings. This favorite spot is also home to multiple hammock stands and a beautiful deck that overlooks Lake Sno-Tip! 

  1. The Quad – The grassy area between Becker Hall, Loew-Brenn Hall, and the Science Hall is called the Quad. This space is home to all kinds of fun like the HU Hullabaloo, PowderPuff games, and Homecoming events. When the weather is nice, you’ll also see classes meeting outside on the Quad or students laying out a blanket to study and soak up some sun! 

For those who want to reach expert-level Forester status, there are hidden gems on home campus that will make your HU experience that much more special. Once again, I’ll give you five: 

  1. Movie theater in Becker Hall – This fun space is a viewing room for student films. It is available to reserve for a movie with your friends or a floor event. 

  1. The large atrium on the lower level of RichLyn Library – Everyone needs a favorite study spot, and this is one of the best study spots on campus! The large windows fill the room with natural light and provide the best view of Lake Sno-Tip. 

  1. The trail in the forest – If you’ve already walked the campus loop and want a change of scenery, check out the trail in the forest behind Loew-Brenn Hall! The trail also connects to a walking path that runs through the City of Huntington. 

  1. Dr. Ruthi’s office – Sociology professor Dr. Mary Ruthi always has M&M’s for students in her office in Loew-Brenn Hall. Especially if you’ve been wanting to try a new specialty flavor (like crunchy cookie or fudge brownie), look no further than Dr. Ruthi’s office! 

  1. The Department of Education – If you need something salty to go with your sweet M&M’s, make a second stop one floor below Dr. Ruthi’s office to the Department of Education and grab some popcorn, made fresh for students every day. 

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Written by
Breanna Burkle