Refund Schedule

In the event a student withdraws from class and/or has a change in board status, refunds of tuition and/or board costs will be issued according to the following schedules.

Please note: refund is calculated at 90% of the unused full weeks, Monday to Monday.

Tuition Refund
Withdrawal DatePercentage Refunded
First week of semester90%
Second week of semester80%
Third week of semester60%
Fourth week of semester40%
Fifth week of semester20%
Remainder of semester0%
Board Refund
Exit DateNumber of Full Weeks
First week of semester14
Second week of semester13
Third week of semester12
Fourth week of semester11
Fifth week of semester10
Sixth week of semester9
Seventh week of semester8
Eigth week of semester7
Ninth week of semester6
Tenth week of semester5
Eleventh week of semester4
Twelfth week of semester3
Thirteenth week of semester2
Fourteenth week of semester1