Day of Giving

Huntington University students are filled with excitement about what lies ahead — future careers, future service opportunities, and so much more. Our goal as a university is to help them build the skills and tools they need to impact the world for Christ in ways beyond their wildest dreams. To accomplish this goal, we provide student scholarships through the Forester Fund that help make education a reality for over 90% of our student population.

On November 21, 2019, we invite you to walk alongside us as we reflect with thankfulness on what God has done and what we are praying for will come in the future for our students. With the support and encouragement of the entire Forester Family, students can turn that excitement for the future into tangible steps toward a degree.  

So, cherished member of the Forester Family, please join Huntington University on our quest to provide scholarships for new generations of Forester students.

Walk with us.

Challenge Accepted!

Keep these matching gift challenges in mind when you make your gift to Huntington University.

Dollar for Dollar: The first $5,000 in total gifts will unlock a matching gift of equal amount. Double your gift by giving early in the day!

First 50: Start the day off right by being one of the first 50 gift-givers. The 50th gift of the day will unlock a $15,000 matching gift!

Foresters Across the Country: Turn your part of the United States green by being the first from your state to make a gift. Every time five states turn green, we’ll unlock $1,500 in matching gifts.

Brand New: New to the Forester Fund? This is the challenge for you! The first 20 first-time gifts on Day of Giving will unlock a $5,000 matching gift.

Set the Pace: Lead the way by making a gift of $1,000 or more. Your gift will set the pace for Day of Giving and grant you membership to the Pacesetter Society, complete with special perks throughout the year. Even better, the first 10 Pacesetter-level gifts will unlock a $10,000 matching gift.