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Day of Giving 2021

Thank you for your impact on the Forester Nation!

If you’re reading this then odds are that somewhere, somehow, and in some way, Huntington University made an impact on you. THANK YOU for making an impact on Huntington University and her Foresters! Thank you for being someone who steps up! 

Of $200,000 Goal

Turn Your State Forester Green!

We've got Foresters from coast to coast. Thank you for showing off your Forester Pride and turning the map Forester Green! The first gift in every state unlocked an additional $300 for the Forester Fund! 


Day of Giving is all about guaranteeing the Huntington University experience for current and future students. Your participation helps to do just that! Somehow, somewhere, some way, the Forester Family continues to grow because of you.

Matching Gift Challenges!

Making your gift go further.
These matching gifts made a huge impact for the Forester Fund! 

Ever Green

The first gift in every state will unlock an additional $300! Be the person to turn your state green on the map, show your Forester pride, and maximize the power of your gift.

Dollar for Dollar

The first $5,000 in total gifts will unlock a matching gift of equal amount. Double your gift by giving early in the day!

First 50

Start the day off right by being one of the first 50 Day of Giving champions. The 50th gift of the day will unlock a $10,000 matching gift!

Forester First

New to the Forester Fund? This is the challenge for you! The 40th person to make a first-time gift to the Forester Fund on Day of Giving will unlock a $5,000 matching gift.

Set the Pace

Your gift of $1,000 or more sets the pace for Day of Giving AND grants you membership to the Pacesetter Society. But wait! Are you an HU grad? If you graduated in the last decade, you can maximize your impact by joining the Pacesetter Society now at these levels:   

2016-2021: $300 per fiscal year 
2011-2015: $650 per fiscal year 
2010 or earlier: $1,000 per fiscal year

The 30th Pacesetter-level gift on Day of Giving will unlock $20,000 in matching gifts. 

For the Forest!

Calling all Forester Employees! The first 75 employees to make a gift of any amount will unlock a $10,000 matching gift. The matching gift was given by HU’s senior and extended leadership teams.