Hometown Grant

Sponsored by the Huntington University Foundation, the Hometown Grant (previously called the HU Foundation Grant) provides $500-$2,500 annually to any aspiring Huntington University student who resides in Huntington County, regardless of need or income. Students are automatically eligible for this grant upon application to the University; there is no additional application required. The grant is renewable for up to four years for each student.

If you are a Huntington County student considering Huntington University in your college search, start your online application.

Mindy Reust
Class of 1998 & Hometown Grant Recipient

 “Just as I chose Huntington University because it was in my hometown, I chose to stay and work here also. I love our community and I love the people in our community. The pride and family connections in a small town can’t be beat.”  

Huntington County Early Entry High School Students:

The Ultimate College Pathway

Don’t wait until you graduate to become a college student! Take early entry classes on Huntington University’s campus (receive dual credit), and you will increase your Hometown Grant amount based on the number of college credits you accumulate.

Early entry benefits for Hometown Grant recipients: With the early entry program, you can save on your college education AND qualify for additional Hometown Grant dollars! 

Let's Run the Early Entry Hometown Grant Numbers

Number of Early Entry CreditsAdditional Hometown Grant Dollars
3 to 6$500/year
7 to 12$1,000/year
13 to 18 1,500/year
19 or more$2,000/year
Early Entry Classes