NACSW Selects HU Student for Board

Rebekah Rose, a 2019 social work major at Huntington University, has been selected to serve on a national board as a student representative for the North American Association of Christians in Social Work (NACSW). Rose is the first Huntington student to be selected for this position. 

“It was obvious from the beginning of her freshmen year at Huntington University as a social work major that Rebekah was going to give 100 percent to her academic and field work,” said Carla MacDonald, associate professor of social work and department chair. “When I see this in a student, I am assured that any outside work they do will be with a high level of commitment. When I was approached by NACSW to nominate a student to their board of directors, I didn’t hesitate to nominate Rebekah to the board. Rebekah has exemplified her reliance upon integration of her Christian faith as a foundation for her social work practice which makes her an ideal candidate for this board of directors.”

NACSW is an organization devoted to helping those in the social work field that identify as Christians. The NACSW strives to have a continual impact on the social work profession as a whole, as well as creating a presence within the faith community.  

As a member of the board, Rose will have the opportunity to help create new goals and ensure that the organization meets these goals using the resources that they’ve been given. She will have the chance to have her voice heard and the chance to truly make an impact on the social work profession. 

“I am honored to be given this opportunity and excited to work alongside other Christian social workers to promote the ethical integration of faith into the social work profession,” said Rose. “I'm so grateful to the social work department at Huntington and the opportunities for professional and personal growth that I have been afforded.”

Rose was also recently awarded a fellowship from the AHEC (Area Healthcare Education Center) from Ball State University. According the BSU website, the “AHEC Scholars program prepares students to more effectively enter the health professions workforce. AHEC Scholars offers online learning modules and community-based experiences designed to give health professions students a deeper understanding of rural and urban health care and underserved populations.”