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Grow personally, professionally, and spiritually as you invest in your future. Described as "life-changing and transformational," Huntington University’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership prepares you for the next step in your career in any discipline or work environment. Become the leader you want to work for. 

Adam Bouse recently graduated with a Masters of the Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL). He is currently working with an organization called Fishhook, an Indy-based full-service communications agency that helps churches and Christ-centered non-profits communicate clearly, creatively, and consistently. 

Why did you decide to pursue a degree in organizational leadership?
Bouse: I wanted to reinforce my experience with a practical master's degree that could help me continue to grow not only as a leader but as a team member myself.

How has the program made you a better leader, person, Christian?
Bouse: My willingness and ability to really empathize and spend time understanding others has increased since going through this program. It’s not that I didn’t realize the differences between how different people see the world before, but I gained fresh insight and an increased appreciation for the value of listening, of understanding others without judgment.

How is this degree applicable to individuals who don’t have a clear career path?
Bouse: Leadership is everywhere. At home, in your church, around the community, and at work. So I think this degree and program is applicable to just about every aspect of life. At the end of the day, leadership is about helping and influencing others toward a shared vision. That shows up at home, with friends, and in business.

Why would you recommend this program?
Bouse: The MAOL program at Huntington is one-of-a-kind. It’s hard to imagine how much you’ll grow as a person, but it’s also an immensely practical program. I felt cared for, connected, and prepared to continue growing in my career. Huntington has really taken a holistic approach in this program, making sure to help each student tailor their goals while they invest in essential skills for a rapidly changing professional world.

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