Creating Scholars: Kelly Savage ‘83

Kelly Savage found a broad experience base with her liberal arts educationKelly Savage is the vice president of human resources of a worldwide company, but when she first came to Huntington, her dreams were more down to earth.

"I wanted to be a forest ranger," she said with a chuckle. But she soon discovered that business, not science, was the path for her.

Savage graduated from Huntington in 1983 with a degree in accounting and a minor in computer science. After graduation, she went on to receive a Master of Business Administration degree from Colorado State University.

In 1988, she began her career at Amway Corp. as an internal auditor. Twenty-two years later, she has wound her way through the corporation to become the vice president of human resources.

"A liberal arts education provides you with a broad base of knowledge and better prepares you for leadership," said Savage, who was also elected chair of the Huntington University Board of Trustees earlier this school year.

"You get a tremendous amount of opportunity in a company that is growing fast. A liberal arts education allows you to take advantage of those opportunities."

Savage says that her liberal arts education has benefited her more than just in her job. It gives you an increased curiosity about the world and a greater desire to explore it.

"If you focus on one field of study or one skill you may miss other opportunities that you have not yet thought of," Savage said.

For Savage, the plans for her future began changing the second she stepped on campus - and that was OK. She felt prepared for whatever life would throw at her.

"Place a high value on learning because you will learn your whole life," Savage said. "You get four years to invest in yourself and those are very valuable years."