HU Arizona Quintupled Enrollment Since Inception

Huntington University Arizona is pleased to announce that 103 students are enrolled for the 2019 spring semester. 

“Breaking the 100 student enrollment mark in Peoria is a very exciting and meaningful moment for the faculty and staff at Huntington University Arizona,” said Jeff Berggren, Director of Arizona Operations.“With the uniqueness of our programs in digital media arts we anticipated that growth would be steady and that is exactly what we have experienced. 

Huntington University’s Arizona location opened its doors in 2016 with 18 students. Since then, not only has student enrollment quintupled, but those students have gone on to win regional and national awards competing against some of the largest universities in the country. Additionally, HU Arizona students are creating media for local churches and non-profits as a way to positively impact the community with their talents.

The combination of distinctive programs, high-quality student work, a mission of community service and an affordable price is an attractive combination for prospective students and their parents. 

“Once those prospective students visit and meet so many other students who share a passion for the creative arts and storytelling they smile and tell us that HU Arizona feels like home,” said Berggren.