HUTC Presents The Guys

Huntington University Theatre Company is privileged to present The Guys by Anne Nelson on September 10 and 11 in the Studio Theatre in the Merillat Center of the Arts.  

The Guys, based on a true story, is set less than two weeks after the September 11 attacks, and New Yorkers are still in shock. One of them, an editor named Joan, receives an unexpected phone call on behalf of Nick, a fire captain who has lost most of his men in the attack. He’s looking for a writer to help him with the eulogies he must present at their memorial services. Nick and Joan spend a long afternoon together, recalling the fallen men through recounting their virtues and their foibles, and fashioning the stories into memorials of words. As they make their way through the emotional landscape of grief, they draw on humor, tango, the appreciation of craft in all its forms — and the enduring bonds of common humanity.  

The show is a poignant peek into the lives of first responders through the lens of 9/11. The Guys isn’t written to force the audience to relive the events of 9/11 and its aftermath; it’s meant to invite the audience to see the stories of the men and women who are on the front lines of disaster on a daily basis. In light of that, Huntington University, the HU Theatre Company, and the Office of Advancement are inviting all first responders to claim two free tickets to any of the three shows and a free dessert reception following the Saturday evening show. For more information about this, please contact Kay Schwob at

Show tickets can be purchased through the Box Office online or by calling (260) 359-4261. Parental guidance is suggested due to tone and potentially sensitive subject matter.