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Makin teaches interpersonal skills for leaders

Huntington, Ind.-Sixty people attended the first Leadership Luncheon hosted by the Huntington University Center for Leadership on Thursday.

The event featured Scott Makin, an executive leadership consultant and director of the Wabash Friends Counseling Center.

Through his presentation, "Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow," Makin taught attendees interpersonal skills to create a team that is motivated, more productive and better able to find ways around obstacles.

Deborah Van Metter and Sharon Custer, EXCEL staff, welcomed those attending the Leadership Luncheon.
"People gravitate toward people who are upbeat and positive," Makin said. "Studies show that we catch other's emotions, which means that we have the ability to impact those around use, creating a more positive, energetic dynamic or a negative, depressing dynamic."

Makin encouraged attendees to build relationships with co-workers, understanding that the benefit is not just a social one.

"The more you connect with people, the more productive you will be," he explained. "Great leaders connect with people's emotions-the deeper feelings."

Leadership Luncheon attendees
While correcting and reprimanding employees is necessary at times, Makin suggested another approach to leadership.

"Remember what people have done right and reinforce that," he said.

This luncheon was the first in a series of luncheons that will be offered on the fourth Thursday of every month. For more information about upcoming events, call (800) 600-4888.

Participants enjoyed a buffet luncheon during the event.
The Huntington University Center for Leadership has developed over the last year and has now found a home on the university's campus in the EXCEL Adult Degree Programs office. Under the direction of Dr. Rick Upchurch, director of the EXCEL program, the CFL plans to provide leadership training and resources to businesses, community leaders and pastors in northern Indiana.

Leadership Luncheon attendees
Last spring many in the community received training in using the "Habitudes" material for developing leaders within their organization. This material was developed by a nationally recognized leadership trainer Dr. Tim Elmore. Elmore came to Huntington on two occasions to provide the initial training for using the material. This leadership training material, available through the CFL, comes in faith-based and values-based versions.

Leadership Luncheon attendees

Dr, Rick Upchurch, director of the EXCEL program, talks with John Easterday, executive vice president of Bippus State Bank.

Leadership Luncheon attendees