Master of Education program offered in hybrid format

Huntington, Ind.-The Huntington University Master of Education degree will now be offered as an online hybrid program. Each course will meet on a bi-weekly basis, one night per week. The off weeks will be taught online.

"I find the hybrid format to be an exciting best-of-both-worlds approach," said Dr. Steve Holtrop, director of the M.Ed. program. "It allows teachers, who are wired for face-to-face interaction, to have a good dose of that all semester. It allows for final presentations in person. But it also allows for the more thought-out written responses of an online forum throughout the semester. And, of course, it allows very busy working professionals to work at home half the time and skip the drive and class-time commitments during the online weeks."

In addition to the convenience of the program, another benefit to students in the program is that each class is taught by full-time Huntington University education faculty. Assignments are structured so that students can use the information immediately in their classrooms. To learn more, contact Brenda Knipp at (260) 359-4141.