Nursing department offers new scholarship

This year, the Huntington University Nursing Department has had the opportunity to award one of their students an additional scholarship through a newly created award.

The Bruce and Linda Myers is a yearly $750 scholarship. For students to be eligible for this new award they must be a current junior nursing major or a sophomore who has been already accepted in to the nursing program.

In addition to these requirements, interested students must write a two- to three-page essay. This essay needs to describe their goals for their nursing career including any further academic aspirations. The student needs to describe their volunteerism in their community or some form of involvement in health care.

While this is a brand new scholarship for this academic year, senior Aaron Lehman received the spring portion for this award.

For Lehman, who does not receive any other financial aid from the university, this scholarship was another avenue to continue pursuing a Christian nursing education. The Christian atmosphere was a huge draw as him in choosing HU.

"I chose Huntington's Department of Nursing because of its strong Christian values. From visiting, it was apparent that the nursing staff stood strong in their Christian beliefs and were going to incorporate them into their teaching plans."

Another draw for Lehman was the faculty and staff in the department, and just like the Myers, he knows they are what makes the department what it is today.

"The greatest strength of the department is the professors. The professors make it their job to become personable. This is important as it shows the students that they are not just another 'number,' but (they) are a 'name.'"

As far as his academic and career aspirations, Lehman plans on fulfilling the intent of this scholarship and reaching his high goals for his career.

"I plan on working for at least one year in an intensive care unit. After I get the necessary experience, I plan on attending graduate school to earn a master's degree. With this degree, I plan on working at a hospital and supporting and caring for those in need."

Bruce and Linda Myers have had strong ties to Huntington County and the university for the past 25 years. Bruce has served on the Foundation broads and also the Fine Arts Council, while Linda is a retried nurse with 30 years of medical-surgical and critical care experience.

The Meyer's have two desires for this scholarship: First, they desire to support Huntington University with an emphasis on the nursing department. Secondly, they want to help inspire and support nursing students who are serious about the academic and professional goals in the health care discipline.