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It’s more than a job. It’s a calling.

Pursuing their passion, nursing students at HU gain the hands-on skills that are coveted in the healthcare industry, but they are also taught how to harness their passion to serve others in their field. Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program is built upon Christian principles and led by professors dedicated to academic excellence, giving you the professional competence needed for success in nursing. 

At Huntington University, our campus size is uniquely suited to provide you personalized, hands-on learning. You will thrive in this program through: 

  • gaining essential healthcare experience

  • articulating the role of faith in nursing

  • studying rigorous course curriculum

  • practicing in well-equipped nursing labs

  • mentoring future nursing professionals

  • passing your NCLEX examination

    Nursing Majors

    Cydney Bridges
    Class of 2023
    Miss Indiana 2023

    “The HU nursing department was the place where I felt most supported on campus. Each and every one of my professors helped me realize that I could achieve anything I set my mind to with hard work and determination.”

    Cydney was named Miss Indiana in June 2023, will start her job at Riley Children's Hospital in July 2023, and will compete for Miss America in January 2024!

    Ashley Murray
    Nursing Student (2012)

    My professors cared so much about the program and truly wanted us to succeed!

    Jessica Muoh
    Nursing Student (2012)

    HU nursing is just unique. I loved the class size, the professors, my fellow nursing students and the campus.

    Within 6 months of passing the NCLEX, 100% of HU nursing graduates have a job in the healthcare industry.
    Our exemplary pass rate can be partially attributed to HU’s required NCLEX Review Class to set you up for success.
    RN Jobs Needed in US
    The world needs nurses, and that need is over 3 million in the United States alone. Your passionate pursuit is

    You might be a future Nurse if…

    Do you have a passion for health and wellness? Do you feel called to serve people on their healing journey? As a nurse, that’s exactly what you’ll do. 

    As the need for nurses in the United States continues to grow, we take your education seriously. If you want to be one-of-the-many, a state school with a massive nursing program might be the right fit. But if you want to connect with your faculty and form relationships with fellow students, there’s no question that HU’s nursing program is where you belong.

    Put your passion into practice.

    Career Opportunities
    • Registered Nurse (RN)
    • Nurse Educator
    • Health Policy Nurse
    • Healthcare Compliance Specialist
    • Fitness Coach
    • Insurance Authorization
    • Telehealth Nurse
    • Traveling Nurse
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