Peoria Sports Complex Offers Internships to HUAZ Students

When I first started my journey at Huntington, there was a lot to love about the Digital Media Arts program that factored into my decision to transfer there…none probably bigger than the opportunity to sharpen my professional skills and build my resume by applying for the many internships the school connects you with. But to already have an internship right out of my first semester? It’s just unheard of!

My internship at the Peoria Sports Complex has been an exhilarating first step to getting my foot in the door in the broadcast/sports industry as a Broadcast Media major. I’m a production room assistant, helping organize and operate the inside-the-ballpark broadcast. I have received the privilege of operating the sound board (Yamaha TF1) video board (TriCaster 460) and replay (3Play 425) to enhance the fan experience during Mariners and Padres spring training games.

On the sound board, I control the audio levels of the PA announcer, national anthem singer, advertisement and various videos shown on the big screen, as well as the music that is played…which is nice because you can pick any music you want to play via Sound Director when working the sound board! As the video board/replay operator, I get to replay highlight-worthy plays on the big screen as well as cut together a creative highlight reel of the game that I get to show in the 9th inning.

The production room is fast paced. You must always stay on your toes and watch what you are doing because the pressure is on you to get that fan experience right. But once you get the hang of the routine it’s an exciting environment filled with great people, the opportunity to be creative with the media at your disposal, and spring training baseball!

Article by Matthew Torres-Gomez, film and broadcast student. (Published in The Filmstrip, March 2017 edition.)