Students to present research at forum

HUNTINGTON, Ind.- As the school year comes to a close in a few short weeks, students will have one final chance to present their work at the Academic Research Forum on April 20.

The purpose of the Research Forum is to support, share and showcase student research accomplishments on the campus. The Research Forum is an idea that originated with the HU Student Senate.

Department chairs were asked to nominate a student from his/her department to present his/her research at the forum.

A schedule of the presentations along with the students' topics is available by clicking here.

Presenters include:

  • Senior Elaine Stoughton
  • Senior Felicia Pettigrew
  • Senior Dustin Flores
  • Junior Sarah Johnson
  • Senior Samuel Schoutko
  • Senior Katrina Helmer
  • Junior Leanne Gehrke
  • Sophomore Emilie Jamison
  • Senior Sydnie Reed
  • Sophomore Kyli Schisler
  • Junior Christa Spurgeon
  • Senior Travis Frantz
  • Senior Margaret Kubina
  • Senior Christopher Valleskey
  • Senior Rob Hahn
  • Senior Jared Grandlienard
  • Senior Jonathan Brenneman
  • Senior Andrew Martin
  • Senior Luke Brenneman