Res Hall FAQs

FAQs About the Residence Halls

When can I check into my room?

You'll find the most up-to-date calendar information on our events calendar. Athletes and student leaders arrive earlier than new students and returning students. Athletes should check with the Athletic Department for exact dates and times, while student leaders are encouraged to check with their supervisors.

Can I bring my own furniture?

You may bring small furniture – bookshelf, lamp, television cart, computer desk. However, due to health risks and fire hazards, no upholstered furniture is allowed. Also, all dorm furniture provided must remain in the room at all times.

What size of bed sheets are needed?

You will need to bring extra-long twin sheets. These can be found at most department stores as well as specialty bed and linen retail stores. Some department stores typically advertise these during the summer months.

Can I loft my bed?

Lofting beds is not permitted. However, most beds in Wright Hall are lofted and Roush, Baker, Livingston, Meadows and Miller beds can be bunked and lofted.

Can I stay in my room over holiday breaks?

Residence halls will be closed during holiday breaks. You'll find holiday break information on our events calendar.

Can I burn candles?

Sorry, but no. Due to local and state fire regulations, candles, incense or heated oils may not be used. No halogen lamps or bulbs may be used either.

Can I bring my pet hamster?

Fish are permitted as pets, but nothing that has the ability to slither, sneak or run away (hamster, sheep, snake, newt, gerbil, cat, dog, mule, monkey, etc.) may be brought into the halls.

Does my room have a computer?

Residence hall rooms are not equipped with computers. In common areas of each residence hall, there are several computers and a printer available for student use. Most students bring their own computers to campus.

Will I have wireless internet?

Yes!! Each student will have a unique username and passcode giving them access to wireless networking capabilities for free!

Where can I do my laundry? 

Laundry is available in each dorm. There is a $40 per semester fee for unlimited use. Ironing boards are a standard feature in each hall. Irons are not included.

Are there kitchens in the residence halls? 

In order to whip together your favorite home-cooked meal, kitchen facilities are provided in each residence hall. You are responsible for your own kitchen supplies.

What if I have stuff that won't fit in my dorm room? 

A storage area is provided for large trunks or suitcases. Please see your Resident Director for more details once you have arrived on campus.

I don't have a personal computer. Are there computer labs? 

With the availability of two general computer labs and mini-labs in each residence hall and other academic buildings, you are not required to own a computer. However, most students bring their own computers to campus. Using wireless network connectivity you can connect to the HU network and the Internet from residence halls, Becker Hall, Habecker Dining Commons, the HUB, Loew-Brenn Hall, MCA, the PLEX, RichLyn Library, and the Dowden Science Hall. HU does not offer hard-wired Ethernet connections for students. If you need computer recommendations or if you have IT questions, contact HU's IT Department

Got a question we didn't answer? 

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Life Office at (260) 359-4026. We are more than happy to answer any of your concerns.