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Forester Village

Originally built and designed for married students, Forester Village is a set of apartments just on the fringe of campus that provide students with the unique apartment setting while still being a part of the campus community. Each building houses 12 to 16 students in 3 to 4 apartments. Each has 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths, complete with a family room, dining room and full kitchen. These apartments are for juniors and seniors only.

Application (log-in required) for Forester Village

Application (log-in required) for summer Forester Village occupancy. For rental of Forester Village during the summer, please complete this form and return to Susan Stong in the maintenance building. You also can reach her at (260) 359-4053.

Apartment Details

  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Bathroom Style: Suite
  • Floor Layout: Apartments
  • Residents/Hall: 12 or 16
  • Residents/Room: 4
  • Residents/Suite: 2
  • Desk: Yes
  • Mattress: 8” thick extra long twin
  • Air conditioning: Yes
  • Cleaning products: Need to bring your own
  • Cooking utensils: Need to bring your own 
  • Mirrors: Yes
  • Fridge: Yes
  • Couch: No
  • Kitchen Chair and Table: Yes
  • Vacuum: Provided