Still Deciding?

It's OK if you haven't yet chosen a major.  In fact, it's probably the sign of an inquisitive mind and a love for learning.

At Huntington University, we offer help and encouragement for students who have not yet declared a major.

Find Your Match

Huntington University is the place to explore your options.  We hope you will visit our campus,

but before you do, here is a fun tool to help you get started considering majors that are a good fit for you. 

This brief survey should take no more than 5 minutes.  When you finish, schedule your visit to talk to a faculty

member about your results.

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Preparing today for jobs that don't yet exist

It's true. If the averages hold, you will change career paths several times before retirement. And with so much change in our society, some of those jobs may not yet have been invented. Huntington will help you develop skills that are transferable to many settings, including creativity, communication, critical thinking, ethics, teamwork, and leadership.

An education with value beyond the paycheck

Just as importantly, a Huntington education will not only do things for you, it will do things to you. You will be transformed into someone who sees the world through the lens of a Christ-centered worldview.

We will help you prepare for all of life, not just for material gain and not just for a vocation.

In the words of Dr. Kent Eilers, you will become a "well-formed young adult able and ready to participate in society, both for the sake of the common good and for the kingdom of God."  

Start with the Core

Begin your Huntington University experience with courses from our Core Curriculum. These classes will blend knowledge, values, skills, and experience to form a foundation for life.