Student Success

Earning a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Huntington University has a proven track-record of success. 

Some earn their bachelor's degree and then take the next step in their education and go to graduate school to earn their Master's in Social Work. 

“Someone once told me: How does a good Christian shoemaker make shoes? He doesn't put crosses on them — he makes really good shoes," said Lissa Miller. "That’s what I think true integration of faith is… I don’t have to preach to every client I have, but I really need to be good at my job in order to act on my faith.” Read the rest of Lissa's story.

Some find that a degree in social work opens doors to a variety of career options, allowing them to specialize in a specific area of interest. 

“I think getting my bachelors in social work was the best decision for me,” said Bethany Caldwell. “I finished the program quickly, and the degree is very marketable — I could go into therapy or counseling supervision or more. Social work opened the door for me to work with any population, anywhere in the world. I still love it.” Read the rest of Bethany's story.

Some dive directly into their chosen career and embrace the opportunity to learn from those around them

“I love working so closely with an interdisciplinary team of psychiatrists, nurses, employment specialists and peer support specialists," said Gina Boucouras. "It provides a whole holistic approach to meeting clients' needs.” Read the rest of Gina's story