UB Historical Society

United Brethren Historical Society

Preserving Our Past for Our Future

The Church of the United Brethren in Christ has a rich heritage. Formed out of the Great Awakening of the late 18th century, the church brought together German speaking Americans of varied religious traditions. In the early 19th century, it spread the gospel across the frontier and saw the transition to an English speaking community. The late 19th century although marked by controversy and tragedy saw the development of a revitalized church spreading the Gospel around the world. Throughout the 20th century, the church has struggled to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in a turbulent and unpredictable world. As we progress forward in the 21st century the United Brethren Historical Society was formed to document the work and difficulties of the past two centuries of labor for Christ and his Kingdom.

Purpose of the Society

  • To promote the distinctive standards and teachings of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ.
  • To work with the United Brethren Historical Center in the collection and preservation of materials related to the history of the United Brethren.
  • To promote research, writing and publication in the field.
  • To publish a Journal devoted to United Brethren history, theology and current issues facing the denomination.
  • To identify and preserve sites of historical interest.
  • To develop an interest in United Brethren history and skills for pursuing it among conference historians, local church historians and others.
  • To promote observances of historical anniversaries and other events of interest.


  • Journal of United Brethren History and Life (ceased 2007)
    • Number 1, Fall 2000 
    • Number 2, June 2001 
    • Number 3, June 2002 
    • Number 4, July 2003 
    • Number 5, June 2005 
    • Number 6, November 2007  
  • Reports
    • UBs Take Flight by Randy Neuman. Prepared for the 2003 Wright Brothers Centennial Tour
  • Christian Telescope

Please send membership inquiries to Randy Neuman, Membership Secretary.