University Archives

The Archives are located in the lower level of RichLyn Library in the United Brethren Historical Center.

Origins of the University

Huntington University was chartered under the laws of the State of Indiana as Central College in 1897 by the Board of Education of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, acting under the advice of the General Conference of the church, for the express purpose of the "higher education of the young people of said church and others." The institution was named Central College because of its location to churches in the denomination ... 

The founding of Central College was initiated under the direction of the General Conference of the church early in 1896. At a succeeding meeting of the Board of Education held later that year, official action was taken toward the founding of Central College at Huntington. A proposition made by the Huntington Land Association was agreed upon and arrangements were made to proceed with the work. The main classroom administration building was completed by June 1, 1897. 

Huntington University is the direct successor of Hartsville College, chartered in 1850 under the name of Hartsville Academy. By an act of the legislature in 1851, the name became Hartsville University. In 1883 the charter of Hartsville University was amended, reducing the number of trustees to sixteen and changing the name of the institution to Hartsville College. 

The last meeting of the Board of Trustees of Hartsville College was held in the college library at Hartsville, Indiana, in June 1897 about three months prior to the opening of Central College in Huntington. 

At his meeting the Board of Trustees of Hartsville College turned over to the Board of Trustees of Central College all books, records of proceedings, and students' grades. They recommended that the new college at Huntington should confer degrees on students of Hartsville College then in the senior class. Having met all financial obligations, they voted their good will to the new college and adjourned sine die. 

The college at Huntington opened for its first term in September 1897. In May 1917 the General Conference changed the name to Huntington College in response to community interests. This association with the community has remained throughout the life of the college as it has sought to serve both "the young people of said church and others." In 2005 the name was changed to Huntington University.

More information on the history of the university can be found in the work 75 Years—Where Character and Culture Blend by J. Ralph Pfister. An eBook is available on this site.

Types of Material Available

  • Yearbooks
  • Catalogs
  • The Huntingtonian (student newspaper)
  • Photographs 
  • Collection of Faculty and Administrative personnel publications
  • College memorabilia
  • Records of Hartsville College

Guide to the Huntington University Collection

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