Verification Process

The verification process requires us to collect documents to confirm the FAFSA data reported for your family. Our office will not be able to finalize award information or transmit need-based aid or federal loans until this process is completed.

In addition to collecting tax data, we also need each student selected for verification to complete a verification worksheet. Below are links to both a Dependent Verification Worksheet and an Independent Verification Worksheet. If you are required to report parental tax information on the FAFSA, complete the Dependent Verification Worksheet. Otherwise, choose the Independent Verification Worksheet.

Students are selected for the verification process by the Department of Education, so each school to which you are applying will request similar information from you. Being selected for verification does not indicate that you did anything incorrectly on the FAFSA. Verification is simply a random quality control process used by the Department of Education to verify accurate FAFSA completion.

If you have any questions on verification please reach out to our office. We’re here to help you get through this process as quickly and easily as possible.