Retention and Graduation

The table below shows retention and graduation rates for full-time undergraduates over the past decade. Graduation rates for Pell Grant recipients and for students receiving athletic aid may be found elsewhere on our site. 

Full-Time, First-Time Freshmen Retention and Graduation Rates
Entering Year Returning Next Fall (Pct.)  4-Year Graduation Rate 6-Year Graduation Rate
2007 78 58 65
2008 73 51 61
2009 78 59 67
2010 78 54 68
2011 73 53 61
2012 79 55  
2013 87 62  
2014 79    
2015 76    
2016 80    


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Placement Reports

Each year, the university’s Office of Career Services conducts a survey to discern how recent graduates are faring in employment markets and in their pursuits of graduate and professional study. The data are collected about six months after students graduate.

Senior Class Survey of 2017

College Navigator

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