In Stride

The 2019-2023 Spiritual Formation Plan

We best minister to students when we step forward in stride with them.

In Stride, the 2019-2023 Spiritual Formation Plan, was developed in part from a longitudinal study that looked closely at the needs of Huntington University students. From that study, it was evident that students desire relational ministry and faculty, staff, and student peers each have significant influence on spiritual development.

In response to these findings, the multi-year Spiritual Formation Plan fosters a community environment at Huntington University that:
  1. Fosters a community that encourages intentional relationships, meets students where they are in their faith development and guides them to increased maturity in Christ.
  2. Enhances corporate spirituality on campus.
  3. Develops a virtual Center for Spiritual Formation for students to dig deeper and take the next steps toward regular spiritual disciplines, mission experiences, and cultural engagement.
In Stride needs support to succeed. Your gift will empower:
  • Huntington University to provide additional staff for pastoral care.
  • Every Forester to participate in an extended national or international missions trip.
  • The Office of Campus Ministries to reach more students through deeper chapel services 


In 2015, Huntington University developed a strategic plan, Faith Forward 2022, to strengthen the focus of the institution and celebrate its rich tradition of commitment to the academic enrichment and spiritual maturation of students. As Faith Forward 2022 serves as the cornerstone, the Spiritual Formation Plan was developed to address the first objective of strategy Pillar 3 of the strategic plan: Sustaining Spiritual Significance and Faithful Service.

According to the university’s strategic plan, Faith Forward 2022, one of the desired outcomes of the institution is to cultivate a more spiritually inspired student body. Since the 2016 fall semester, Huntington University has participated in a longitudinal survey (Spiritual Life Survey formerly known as REVEAL) to gain insight on the spiritual condition of students and ways the institution is positioned to impact the students’ spiritual growth. After taking into consideration the anticipated strategic outcome of Faith Forward 2022, the university’s mission, and information obtained from the annual Spiritual Life Survey, the following spiritual growth outcomes are provided to demonstrate the characteristics that Huntington University desires to observe in its students.

  • An ability to pursue truth and think critically about contemporary issues from a biblically informed perspective.
  • A lifestyle that reflects an understanding of biblical truth and a commitment to be conformed to the image of Jesus.
  • An awareness of vocation and calling that demonstrates a commitment to be an ambassador for Christ’s mission both in the present and future.
  • An unwavering passion for sharing the love of Jesus with others through community service, missions, evangelistic outreach and discipleship.
  • A firm understanding of the impact that corporate spirituality has on spiritual maturity and a willingness to participate within such context.