Scholarships & Endowment

At Huntington University, nine out of 10 students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, student loans and part-time work. When you support scholarships at HU, you help provide essential financial aid packages that could be the deciding factor for whether a student can attend the University.

The University will work with you to create a new scholarship or to fund existing scholarship programs that will support HU’s mission.

Endowed Scholarships

HU in the FallHuntington University students are directly supported through endowed scholarships. The term “endowed” means that the gift from the donor is invested. A portion of the interest earned then provides yearly scholarships for students, while the original gift or principal is never used. Each year, the remainder of the interest earned, plus dividends and capital gains, are reinvested so the principal grows. As the principal grows, the interest earned also grows and provides larger amounts to award to students.

A gift of any size may be given to increase an existing endowed scholarship. A minimum of $25,000 is needed to establish a new scholarship, with awarding criteria established by the donor. Additionally, gifts can be given to the general scholarship fund which will be used to assist students who do not fall into particular criteria as outlined in the named endowed scholarships.

Annual Scholarships

Annual scholarships are funded each year by generous gifts of alumni and friends of Huntington University. Amounts given by May 31 are directly awarded to students the following academic year. Criteria for the scholarship award are established by the donor. The amount given for an annual scholarship is flexible, but a $2,500 minimum is preferred.

Endowed Faculty Chairs

These are funds earmarked to support a particular teaching position or program. A $1.5 million investment will endow a faculty chair in an area of the donor’s choice. Each endowed faculty chair enables Huntington University to attract and retain world-class scholars. The income from this endowed fund will be used to provide salary and benefits, as well as specific teaching expenses, for a professor.