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Office of Alumni Relations

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The mission of the Office of Alumni Relations is to be a relevant presence in the lives of Foresters everywhere, to build flourishing networks of HU advocates and ambassadors, to provide opportunities to meaningfully engage them with each other and in the life of Huntington University, and to create a culture of giving time, talent and treasure to advance HU now and forever.

Once you become a Forester, you are a Forester for life. You may not think about the University every day, but the experiences you had here and the things you learned will stick with you and affect the way you view and interact with the world. You are a representative of the University.


"One thing I love about God is that He created us for community. He wired us to pursue connection, and as Director of Alumni Relations at Huntington University, I love that I get to help our Forester Family stay connected! Just this week, I was able to connect two Foresters who were roommates in the ’70s. It brings me such joy to know that two friends from long ago can reconnect and reminisce about their Huntington days."

Danielle Shafer

Director of Alumni Relations & Engagement
(260) 359-4099

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