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Adrianna Town
6 career options for chemists

Chemistry is a central science that influences biology, geology, engineering, and physics. As a result, a bachelor’s degree in chemistry unlocks grad school and employment opportunities in many industries and allows chemistry professionals to switch careers with relative ease. Chemistry graduates might use their skills to pursue a career in technical communication, research methodologies, scientific ethics, organic chemistry, and analytical chemistry, to name a few.

If you are interested in anything related to science, it’s worth checking out the possibilities that studying chemistry could make possible for you.  

Here is a brief list of job titles that could be yours someday:

  1. Biochemists study the chemical and physical principles of living things and biological processes such as cell development, growth, heredity, and disease.
  2. Food technologists are responsible for product development, reviewing and approving nutritional data, writing product specifications, and enforcing USDA labeling regulations on new and modified food products.
  3. Forensic scientists collect and analyze biological evidence to assist in criminal investigations.
  4. Toxicologists work in laboratories and use various methods to locate toxic levels of drugs or other poisons within the body during autopsies, measuring toxin levels and determining their contribution to the death of the patient. 
  5. Chemical engineers design processes and equipment for manufacturing, plan and test production methods, and establish rigorous health and safety procedures for people working with dangerous substances.
  6. Clinical biochemists aid in the investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and illness. Healthcare chemistry careers are largely based in laboratories, but there are opportunities to work directly with patients. 

Even more careers are available to graduates with a background in chemistry. Get started on your journey by earning a bachelor’s degree from Huntington University’s Department of Chemistry. Learn more at huntington.edu/Chemistry or schedule a campus visit at huntington.edu/Visit.

Written by
Adrianna Town