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Most students today are searching for something. Each one desires a sense of connection, growth, authenticity and mission in life. At Huntington, we believe Jesus Christ brings that to the table. He touches our hearts, opens our minds and ultimately changes our lives – and our passion is to equip students to share Him and His story with friends, neighbors and ultimately the world. To us spiritual formation is about more than a religion, it is a faith journey we travel together. 

Since the narrative story of the Christian faith is so essential to the spiritual journey of our students, we provide a wealth of experiences that bring “The Story” alive. Our chapel, Ekklesia, and Bible study/convocation opportunities are designed to challenge the entire Huntington Community in their faith journey throughout the week. Students personally interact with Campus Ministry Coordinators (CMCs) who seek to embody the love of Christ on the dorm floor. To encounter more international experiences, students interact with Global Vision and participate in mission opportunities sponsored by our Campus Ministries office. 

Our students want a faith journey that connects to life; that provides depth and dialogue in applying academic and spiritual disciplines to today’s issues, expresses cultural diversity through the arts and music, and calls one to servanthood, mission and relationship through community. 

The Campus Ministries Office works very closely with faculty, Student Life, and the Friesen Center for Volunteer Service to provide rich opportunities for personal spiritual growth, Christian service, and the integration of faith and learning.

We might think that God wanted simply obedience to a set of rules: whereas He really wants people of a particular sort. ~ C.S. Lewis

The Campus Ministries program is designed to challenge students, staff and faculty to commitment and growth in their Christian life. The program aims to provide depth and dialogue in applying academic and spiritual disciplines to today’s issues, express cultural diversity through the arts and music, and call individuals to servanthood, mission, career and relationship through campus-wide community.

Several categories of programs ensure that these varied objectives are met. Chapel programs that meet twice a week promote the spiritual enrichment and growth of students, staff and faculty. Ekklesia, a student-led chapel offered weekly in the evening, allows student leadership to develop spiritually enriching programs for their peers. The Divine Hours is a liturgical worship service that meets once a week. It includes prayers, psalms, Bible readings, and a faculty/staff reflection on the reading for the day. On occasion, convocations are offered in place of the The Divine Hours. Convocations focus on current issues or themes relating to the Christian liberal arts purposes of the University.