Engaging A Relational Environment

Community on the college campus is basically a set of personal, dependable, and durable relationships that are based in the values of the college students. At Huntington, it is also a place where students find themselves sustained spiritually and emotionally. The heart of the Campus Ministry Coordinator (CMC) program is not really a program ministry at all, but a relational peer ministry. The goal is to create a supportive environment in the dorm where students can begin to share their joys, fears and vulnerabilities. In essence, the CMC creates a safe environment for students to tell their stories and develop intimate relationships with one another. Each dorm floor moves at its own pace, reflecting people’s spiritual journeys as individuals and as a floor unit.

What is a CMC?

A person with God-given capacity and God-given responsibility who engages students on a specific dorm floor in enhancing their faith journey

Through effective leadership, each CMC offers many opportunities that challenge and stimulate the student’s faith journey.

Possible opportunities include:

What the Students are Saying

“My CMC is a very fun person that is interested in what is happening in our lives. She is always involved in floor activities and school activities.” 

“My CMC has changed us as a floor! He has created community that allows our spirituality to grow. He is a super role model—He's the man” 

“My CMC always asks what is going on in my life and really cares if things are good or bad.” 

“I don't think I have ever seen my CMC without him saying “hi” to me in a way I knew he cared. He makes people feel good and genuinely shows concern and care for all. He is a very good role model and I know I can trust him. He is very wise in the Spirit.” 

“My CMC is an amazing person and has so much love going in every direction! She has been an amazing example of a woman of God.” 

“My CMC is a great role model. Her example is positive and challenges us to be better people. She is so supportive and fun!” 

“My CMC is an awesome role model. She really does show Christ through her daily life.” 

“I feel that I could come to my CMC with anything and she wouldn't judge me. She would be there willing to listen and give advice.” 

“My CMC is good at tuning into individual needs on the floor. She makes our suite inviting and has her door open often.” 

“My CMC is straight-up AMAZING!”