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What Are My Options? The Core of Our Life Together

At the core of our community is the opportunity to acknowledge God among us through weekly chapel and Bible study/convocation opportunities. These relevant and diverse experiences offer the student a place to participate with the entire campus community—enhancing the spiritual, social, and academic life of the individual. 

Our passion is to see students worshipping, exploring and gathering together in a stimulating and challenging environment. Because of the flexibility of chapel/Bible study/convocation attendance requirements, students are urged to be deliberate and intentional in choosing to participate in the opportunities most suited to their faith journey. Please review the chapel policy for further information.

Podcasts of chapel messages, Forester Lectures, and special events now available in the HU Portal.

Community Chapels:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00 a.m. 

Wednesday Night 9:30 p.m.

The last Wednesday of each month 9:30 p.m.

What Are My Options?

Community Chapels:

Each community chapel service is unique, having a specific theme or focus. A variety of men and women from a multitude of backgrounds and ministries are invited to challenge us in our faith journey. At least once a month, Joyful Noise, our chapel band, leads us in a time of praise and worship. Also, several times during the year special emphasis weeks are planned which include: Relationship Emphasis Week, Service Emphasis Week, and a Missions Emphasis Week.


Unlike our Tuesday and Thursday chapels, our once a month Wednesday night Ekklesia chapel is student led. With an eclectic mix of speakers, worship experiences and community building opportunities, this chapel allows the student to have a voice in the core aspect of his/her faith journey at Huntington. 

Small Groups:

Led by their very own volunteer staff, faculty, as well as local ministers of the Huntington Community, small groups provide a more intimate place for students to grow spiritually. Here is a safe environment to mature, gain spiritual mentors, and build valuable relationships that will strengthen their walk with Christ.

Mid-Day Prayer:

This service provides a deeper look at scripture through reflection, meditation, and repetition. This is an avenue where students should feel challenged to take that next step toward spiritual maturity and their understanding of God’s word. This is also a great time to reflect with their peers, be still and to meet with God just as they are. This is a unique and rewarding experience.

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