Presenting Huntington University and Forester Film's first feature film...

Wayfaring Stranger

Featuring Stephen Baldwin & Bethan Ann Lind

We have raised over $650,00 that helped us get through principal photography and postproduction on Wayfaring Stranger and now we need help in getting our story to the screen through print and advertising funding.

We had over 30 Huntington University film students along with 15 professional crew members work side by side with over 100 extras and a dozen SAG actors during the film shoot. Since that time, we have finished the post production process and are ready for distribution into theaters and online.

Thank you again for your support. Your donations will help pe make this dream a true reality.

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Your prayers and support of this project are game-changing for our students. Any gift of any size means equipment in hands, experience in minds, and creativity coming alive in the hearts of our students.

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Wayfaring Stranger

In 1970’s rural America, a 12-year-old pastor’s son and his family befriend a middle-aged, broken-down, country singer who helps the boy embrace his musical calling and the pastor build a new church. Former country singer, Glenn Frank, becomes a part of the Clark family by secretly teaching young Lance to play the guitar and working side-by-side Pastor Doyle, all while wrestling his demons of alcohol abuse. His untimely death brings the community together to finish the project and unite a new Church family. Based on a true story.

Glenn Frank Trailer Glenn Frank Trailer