Film Production Capstone: An Immersive Movie-Making Experience

Huntington University’s film productions majors are part of a truly unique immersive movie-making capstone experience. Leveraging the personal and professional relationships and experience of our faculty, HU created something that no other college like us is doing: making feature-length movies.

HU's Film Production Capstone program, in partnership with Forester Film, creates a real world, professional grade opportunity for HU students to see and participate in an immersive mentor-led production of a feature-length film. Students will work on a movie or television production from table reads and casting, to preproduction and filming, to postproduction and distribution. Their name will appear in the credits and their connections to industry professionals will be cemented.

Check Out Our First Forester Feature Film!

Step into the story of Huntington University's first feature film. 

Wayfaring Stranger