Sources of Aid

Federal Pell Grants: $672-$6,495

Eligibility is dependent on financial need and determined by FAFSA. 

Indiana State Grants: $650-$9,000

Application must be an Indiana resident with financial need. FAFSA must be received by federal processor by April 15. Must complete 30 credit hours each year to renew at full eligibility. 

Federal Direct Loan - Subsidized: $200-$5,500

Eligibility determined by FAFSA. Amount determined by the number of credit hours the student has earned.

Federal Direct Loan - Unsubsidized: $7,500

Eligibility determined by FAFSA. Interest is charged upon disbursement. Amount determined by grade classification. Additional unsubsidized funding is available for independent students or dependent students whose parent(s) are denied a PLUS loan. 

Non need-based federal loan. Eligibility determined by FAFSA and credit application. Amount determined by total cost of attendance at HU. This loan is in a parent’s name. Independent students are not eligible to receive this loan.

Alternative Loan Options

Huntington University strongly encourages you to exhaust all federal grant and loan options prior to applying for Alternative (Private) Student Loans. All alternative loans require credit worthiness.  It is extremely difficult for most students to qualify for an alternative loan without a credit worthy cosigner. This is due to increased default rates in the private student loan industry. Although HU will process loans from any lender you choose, we have provided links to a list of lenders our students have found to demonstrate excellent customer service and ease in process.

These lenders offer loan products representative of the best interest rates, lowest fees, and best repayment terms and conditions in the private loan industry. Visit INvestEd Marketplace to view these products and start the alternative loan process. INvestEd Marketplace allows you to instantly compare upfront accurate rates and terms form both local and national lenders complete with detailed listings of APR’s, interest rates, total cost, monthly payments, borrower benefits, fees and repayment options.

Additional Opportunities

Veteran’s Benefits

Huntington University accepts VA benefits for veterans, children, and spouses of veterans who qualify for VA benefits. Beth DuBois in the registrar office is our VA benefit liaison. You can reach her at 260-359-4011 or at

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Many of our students benefit from outside scholarships. We encourage students to contact their local community foundation to explore scholarship opportunities, as the majority of the outside scholarships we receive are provided by local community foundations. The application window is often January through April of a student’s senior year in high school, but check with your community foundation for specific deadlines. 

QUESTA Education Foundation

Huntington is proud to be a regional partner school for the Questa Education Foundation. Students from north-eastern Indiana may qualify for one of several scholarship programs offered through the Questa Education Foundation. The application period is open November through March.

Vocational Rehabilitation Grant

Huntington accepts vocational rehabilitation benefits.  The student account and financial aid teams will assist you and your vocational rehabilitation counselor with completing any requested paperwork to process your vocational rehabilitation eligibility.

529 College Savings Plans

Our student account team can assist you in using your 529 College Savings Plan to pay for any remaining costs after other financial aid is applied. Indiana offers a tax credit of up to $1,000 annually for funds invested in a 529 plan. Speak with your 529 plan representative or your tax preparer for additional information. You may contact our student account team at 260-359-4283 or through email at

Corporate Partnership

Up to 25% off online program tuition. Student must be an employee at one of our Corporate Partnerships and must provide annual documentation confirming their employment. Contact for additional information.

United Brethren in Christ Ministry Scholarship

25% off tuition for any UB church attendee studying for all adult and graduate online programs.