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Sources of Aid

Federal Pell Grants: $602-$5,730

Eligibility is dependent on financial need and determined by FAFSA. 

Indiana State Grants: $200-$7,570

Application must be an Indiana resident with financial need. FAFSA must be received by federal processor by April 15. Must complete 30 credit hours each year to renew at full eligibility. 

Federal Direct Loan - Subsidized: $200-$5,000

Eligibility determined by FAFSA. Amount determined by the number of credit hours the student has earned.

Federal Direct Loan - Unsubsidized: $200-$7,500

Eligibility determined by FAFSA. Interest is charged upon disbursement. Amount determined by grade classification. Additional unsubsidized funding is available for independent students or dependent students whose parent(s) are denied a PLUS loan. 

College Three-Payment Plan

If you are unable to pay the full amount of tuition at registration, the three-payment installment plan may be used. At registration, you will pay any required fees, 1/3 of the tuition, and a $25 installment plan fee. The second installment will be due the last class of Module 2. The third installment will be due the first class of Module 4. The three-payment installment plan may be used in each semester. A promissory note will be required at registration. Contact the Business Office for payments. Credit cards and personal checks are accepted for payment of tuition and fees.

Employer Assisted Payment Plan

If your employer will assist you in your educational costs, you may defer payment of tuition by providing documentation from the company prior to registration. This includes a letter on company letterhead or the appropriate company form stating your eligibility and copy of your company policy regarding percentage of tuition and fees covered. You will be required to pay all fees and the Enrollment Deposit as well as to sign a Promissory Note (Employer Assisted Payment Plan) at registration. The College will provide a listing of all charges and notification of your successful completion of program modules according to your employer’s requirements. You agree to expeditiously submit invoices to your employer for reimbursement and pay the college not later than the next class meeting after you have received reimbursement.