Student Rights and Responsibilities

By accepting financial aid awards, students acknowledge certain rights and responsibilities including:

  • The responsibility to report any change in the financial situation from that reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
  • The responsibility to report loans, grants or scholarships received from sources external to the university.
  • The responsibility to use funds awarded solely for educational expenses incurred to attend Huntington University during the period for which the award was made.
  • The responsibility to attend class on a regular basis and to make normal progress toward graduation. Full-time students normally take eight semesters to graduate, while a part-time student might require up to 16 semesters. Repeated course withdrawals may jeopardize eligibility for financial assistance. Length of time may vary for adult (Professional Programs) and graduate students.
  • The responsibility to repay all educational loans according to the repayment provisions agreed on at the time loans were accepted and promissory notes were signed.
  • The right to apply for additional assistance when increased financial need can be demonstrated and funds are available.
  • The right to appeal a decision to the Director of Financial Aid or Academic Concerns Committee.
  • The right to expect and receive complete confidentiality of financial aid award information by the Office of Financial Aid.