Student Software Purchase Program (E-Academy)

Students enrolled at Huntington University can now benefit from savings up to 75% on Microsoft, Adobe and other products.

The software purchased through this program is fully licensed, fully functional, and delivered right to your door.

Please click here to login and order from e-academy.


E-mail or call the Information & Technology Services Help Desk at (260) 359-4357.

Your login for the e-academy site is your Huntington University e-mail address ( If you have the same name as an existing or past HU student, your username might have a number at the end. You can find out your username by visiting this site:

To get your password for e-academy, visit the "Click here to login" link above and then click on the "Forgot Password?" link. Enter your Huntington University e-mail address ( and click on the "Go Find It!" button. E-academy will send your password for their site to your HU email address.