Jerry Gressley
Director of Physical Plant

Jerry Gressely started at Huntington University in 1987. In his position, he is responsible for facilities management.

Steve Alexander
Maintenance Technician

Steve's work duties include but not limited to: HVAC repair, motor Pool up keep, blind repair, general up keep of the dorms and buildings and snow removal.    

Todd Carroll
Maintenance Technician

Todd Carroll started at the university in 2006. He is responsible for carpentry work, door hardware and general repair.    

Mark Hesting
Maintenance Technician

Mark Hesting started at Huntington University in June 2000. In his job, he is responsible for HUAC repair, campus furniture and general repair and maintenance.  

David Pearson
Maintenance Technician

David Pearson started at Huntington University in September 2004. He is responsible for various maintenance tasks with a specialty of plumbing.

Susan Stong
Physical Plant Secretary

Susan is responsible for receiving work requests, processing and distributing them into work orders. She also assists in hiring the student workers and supervising their duties and keeping them on task.    

Marcie Nofziger
Director of Facilities

Marcie Nofziger joined the Forester family in 2016 when she became the director of Huntington University’s maintenance team for National Management Resource.