Five incoming freshmen selected for Horizon Scholarship

HUNTINGTON, Ind. Five incoming Huntington University freshmen have been awarded the Horizon Leadership Scholarship for the 2014-2015 academic year. The students will join a program that is helping to create a more racially and ethnically diverse campus.

This is the seventh year for the program.

"I am excited to see the influence that they and the campus will have on one another for the upcoming years," said Jesse Brown, director of the Horizon Leadership Program. "They are a great group of leaders and it is evident that God has his hand upon them."

A collaboration between Huntington University and Youth for Christ, the Horizon Leadership Scholarship was begun in 2008 to attract and retain students of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds by providing educational, leadership and creative outlets. The Horizon Leadership Scholarship covers the cost of tuition and room and board for the recipients for up to 10 semesters. This is made possible through a blend of federal, state and institutional aid.

Recipients are required to achieve and uphold a standard of academic performance, community service and spiritual and social growth. The Horizon Leaders are involved in weaving a tapestry of diversity and perspective for the student body of Huntington University as well as the surrounding community. The goal is to leave a positive mark on the City of Huntington that will always be remembered.

This year's Horizon Leadership Scholarship recipients are:

Allison Amstutz, of Berne, Ind., currently attends South Adams High School and plans to be a nursing major at HU.0001 Horizon Allison_Amstutz
Jessica Bombino, of St. John, Ind., currently attends Illiana Christian High schools and plans to be a youth ministries major at HU.0001 Horizon Jessica_Bombino
Leah Ness, of Huntington, Ind., currently attends Huntington North High School and plans to be an accounting major at HU.0001 Horizon Leah_Ness
Hannah Priskorn, of Auburn, Ind., currently attends Lakewood Park Christian and plans to be a psychology major at HU.0001 Horizon Hannah_Priskorn
Selina Pohl, of Lansing, Mich., currently attends Waverly High School and plans to be a nursing major at HU.0001 Horizon Selina_Pohl