Graphic Designers Shine in Senior Showcase

Join Huntington University in celebrating the compilation of a year of preparation for the annual Art + Design Senior Showcase. The gallery will be open from April 26 - May 11. The artist reception where each artist discusses their projects will be held on May 5, from 6:00-7:30 p.m. in the Robert E. Wilson Gallery.

“Art + Design students have been diligent this academic year in developing an incredible body of work for their senior projects,” said Gregor Roth, assistant professor of graphic design. “Their dedication is evident as they have excelled at generating work that is to the same high standards as are required by graphic design professionals and clients.” He went on to say that the “work on display is exciting and professional. It represents the best student work as well as the quality of curriculum in Huntington University’s Art + Design department.”

Art + Design graduating seniors include Claire Bowles, Christian Garver, Troy Hester, Abby Kaufman, Mark Lewandowski, Joshua Matos, Jeanie Miller, Cassie Tester and Janelle Wilcox.  Each will be showcasing a culmination of their work from the past two semesters. 

Claire Bowles (Noblesville, Indiana) will showcase colorful calendars that are centered around the tie between coffee and conversation. She also created a book entitledTwelve Decades, based on timeless fashion trends starting in 1900 and progressing through the current era. 

Christian Garver (Warsaw, Indiana) will showcase his award-winning B2 Films branding which includes a variety of collateral, including banners, business cards, CD cases, and letterheads for the fictitious film production company. For Garver’s second project, he explored the use of typography within a simulated three-dimensional space with eye-catching 3D posters. 

Troy Hester (Liberty Center, Ohio) will present his self-promotional branding, Troy Hester Design,which includes brand standards, logo design, portfolio website, resume, letterhead, business cards, pocket sketchbook and logo stickers. His second project was a rebrand for the French soccer team Stade Rennais FC.

Abby Kaufman (West Lafayette, Indiana) will showcase her paintings that express “happy feelings through the use of color and movement.” She will also showcase her self-illustrated book of musical texts with the intent to merge the two to create further emotional expression.

Mark Lewandowski (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) gives the viewer a look at his stylish “Manière” lifestyle magazines that provide insightful information of menswear and lifestyle within two separate editions fall/winter, and spring/summer. His second project is an online blog and look book entitled Mark & Lew. The design conveys his personal brand through a design style and focus on fashion that creates an organic presentation of men’s wear.

Joshua Matos (Elkhart, Indiana) focuses his project on developing self-branding and package design that is focused on various aspects of fine art as a way to distinguish the contents from other designers. The collateral for the brand includes a logo, photography, small scale publications, and additional media all thoughtfully packaged into one unit featuring the brand logo on its cover. Matos’ second undertaking was color research for a publication entitled Color.The book is an entry level look at color theory that is easily understood.

Jeanie Miller (Middlebury, Indiana) uses her project to promote a brand called Affinity Coffee, Co as a unique place for the formation of relationships as well as a being a place of relaxation and contemplation. Brought to life through logo, merchandise, mission and environment, this project is an installation designed to engage the viewer’s senses.Her second project – “The Silence Breaker” – uses elements of fashion illustration and photography to infuse design and illustration as a tool to empower women and foster independence, determination, and spirit as to respond to sexual abuse and oppression. 

Cassie Tester (Huntington, Indiana) has created seasonal fashion posters that focus on advertising materials for “Cassandra’s,” a boutique clothing store. The design features a logo, photo, mailer, and seasonal in-store signage. Tester’s second project is a public service call to action campaign entitled “Save the Ocean Sea Life,”utilizes illustration as well as information and is designed to spread awareness of the damage pollution is causing to the world’s oceans and sea life. 

Janelle Wilcox (Westerville, Ohio) has produced event self-branding materials and wedding collateral for a metaphorical event. Both designs convey a rustic and classic style that reflects current trends in design and weddings. Wedding Collateral was made up of postcards, RSVP cards, save the date notes, a menu, and an event program. Personal Branding includes logo, business card and letterhead. Wilcox also designed and wrote a publication entitled, The Architect’s Tour Guide.The book highlights significant architectural structures from around the world and throughout time.