Huntington University Foundation celebrates 75th anniversary

75th Anniversary, Huntington University FoundationHUNTINGTON, Ind. Seventy-five years ago, the Huntington University Foundation was established to promote the educational and financial interests of the college. Today, it is so much more.

With this significant milestone, the Foundation is celebrating all that has been accomplished through the support of the community.

"The 75th anniversary of the Foundation is unique and exciting because we have the opportunity to lift up the university, the Huntington community and the people and events that have helped each other succeed and grow together since 1938," said Ed Vessels, president of the Foundation since 2012. "What can be better than celebrating a real-life hometown community success story?"

The Foundation was created in 1938 by Jacob L. Brenn, Fred A. Loew and local business leaders.

At the time, Brenn wrote "a college is one of the best civic enterprises and wisest investments in which any community can participate. Actually, the benefits which this community derives through the constantly changing and growing student body are incalculable."

The Foundation has served HU in generating financial resources; raising awareness of the university; assisting in the recruitment of students from the county; enhancing the educational experience of students; facilitating opportunities for students to remain in the area after graduation; and overall service to the university and community.

"The Foundation truly believes that celebrating 75 years of the community and university supporting each other is a rare chance to highlight and learn from past successes while building on a strong foundation for a long and prosperous future," Vessels said.

Over the years, the Foundation has helped to make many significant enhancements to the campus by raisings funds for men's and women's residence halls, apartments for married students, the Huntington Union Building (HUB) and the addition of Lake Sno-Tip. The Lake was named for Foundation board members Gene Snowden and F.L. Tipmore.

The Foundation has also increased scholarship dollars available to Huntington County students. This fund is helping to make a Huntington University education even more affordable to local students.

"Currently the Foundation is also reaching out to constituents, alumni, donors and friends in counties surrounding Huntington in order to create opportunities for students to experience the quality of education that exists here at Huntington," said Mark Schenkel, HU director of community relations. "The Foundation sees the importance of strengthening our local community, while at the same time, reaching out to our neighboring counties to attract and keep local talent in Huntington and those neighboring communities upon graduation."

To celebrate this historic anniversary, the Foundation is planning special events throughout the year, including the monthly breakfast series and a Gala celebration during the annual dinner in September.

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